As promised Nintendo Online subscribers got a few new titles in their digital libraries; NES™ Open Tournament Golf (highly detailed Mario Sports originator), Solomon’s Key (puzzle platformer) and Super Dodge Ball (surprisingly part of the River City Ransom series).

Also added is a remix of the classic title The Legend of Zelda™ SP Edition: Living the life of luxury! (at least that’s what it’s called in the information menu) The SP edition of LoZ is almost an easy mode, starting you off with the second best armor and sword, some arrows (but no bow), blue ring, the strength bracelets, a portion of bait and the magic candle. Not a bad little head start! It is exciting to think what other SP Edition remixes could come within the future!

The Nintendo website lists what games are coming to the NES online service in the future and here’s what’s happening in the final months of the year. In November we will be getting Metroid™, Mighty Bomb Jack and TwinBee. Then for December’s update, we receive Wario’s Woods™, Ninja Gaiden and ADVENTURES OF LOLO.

Some real classics to coming! When it comes to what will happen in 2019, they have this to say “We’ll update this schedule with games for 2019 once they’ve been selected.” What could this mean? Fingers crossed we get a New Years direct with SNES and GameCube games being announced!

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