Gamers everywhere will be able to play their favorite Game Boy games, courtesy of a new smartphone case Nintendo is developing themselves.

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of handheld electronics, dating all of the ways back to the original Game & Watch from 1980. Over the years, Nintendo has perfected the handheld market, coming out with the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, both being devices that radically changed the way handhelds are regarded and played with.

But perhaps their most treasured handheld is the Game Boy, originally released in 1989. Fans, both young and old, desperately want a way to play the classics without relying on emulators, but their wishes went unrealized…until now.

Although Nintendo has already re-released classic titles for smartphones, the case will radically change things. Instead of playing the game through an app, and over touchscreen controls, the new case will allow gamers to play with a directional pad and buttons, that are built into the case itself.

Nintendo Phone Case Patent

Third-party developers have already attempted to create similar cases, but their results were a little lackluster. With Nintendo being responsible for creating the case directly, the controls should be seamless, in addition to the myriad of titles that will become available.

Nintendo has already proven that their old titles can sell well in today’s market, as their classic consoles (NES and SNES digitally preloaded with well-known games) clearly show, with demand for them being so high that many are hard-pressed to find anymore. Fans will just have to resort to secondhand Game Boys until this new case finally hits stores.

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