Nintendo Switch with Red and Blue JoyCons

In the latest official tally of financial results, Nintendo revealed that its Switch system has sold over 22.86 million units worldwide.

Not only is this a 3.19 million increase from last financial quarter, but this also beats the Nintendo GameCube’s 21.74 million units in lifetime sales. In terms of home consoles, the next milestone to meet or beat would be the Nintendo 64’s record of 32.93 million.

Although there are still many systems the Nintendo Switch would have to beat in order to make a brand new record for Nintendo’s best-selling system in general, 22.86 million units sold isn’t bad at all for a console that has only been out for a little over a year.

Nintendo is currently aiming to have another 20 million units sold for the current fiscal year, which ends in March and will mark two full years of the Switch’s presence on the market. Considering Smash Ultimate and a few new Pokémon games are due on the market just before the winter holidays, it seems like Nintendo could very well meet that goal.

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