Nintendo has recently unveiled a new plan to introduce their line of Labo Kits to elementary schools across the nation, in a partnership with the Institute of Play.

Currently only being tested in New York elementary schools, the program is expected to extend to 100 schools across the country, pending the pilot program is successful. Interested schools/districts can apply at the Institute of Play’s website.

Labo kits are one of Nintendo’s most recent products. Essentially supplemental material for the Nintendo Switch, the user is provided cardboard that is meant to interface with the console, and be constructed into musical instruments, toys, and the like. Students in this new program will be given variety sets, boxes containing a greater number of things to build, in an effort to encourage interest in the STEM/STEAM fields.

In a press release, the Institute of Play’s Co-Executive Director, Arana Shapiro said, “Teachers in the pilot program are already seeing the natural fit for Nintendo Labo in the classroom, and now we can bring that dynamic to schools across the country.”

Seeing as unconventional technologies are being implemented in classrooms all over the nation, it will not be surprising when Switches and Labo kits will be adopted in a similar fashion. After all, the best way to build interest in something is to know how to have fun while doing it.

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