Bethesda has revealed that Fallout 76 won’t be coming to Switch, however, the next Wolfenstein game certainly will be.

I am fairly certain that Bethesda are aiming to make access to Skyrim be classed as a human right at the UN, alongside water and MCU accessibility. The game has been released on everything, from the Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Sega Game Gear and HAM radio. It may come as a surprise, then, that Bethesda is not seeking to do the same with their next big release, Fallout 76, which will not see a release on Nintendo Switch.

According to Bethesda marketing executive and reptile in human skin Pete Hines, Fallout 76 simply ‘isn’t doable’ on the Nintendo Switch. Now, we all know just how much Bethesda love making money at the expense of artistic integrity (just look at Fallout 4‘s Creation Club), so I think that we can assume that he is being genuine.

It is likely that the Nintendo Switch simply isn’t powerful enough to handle the strain of thousands of teenage scumbags launching a constant stream of nukes at one another. I am sure that Todd Howard’s height supplement dealer is worried at a possible loss in revenue from his favorite customer.

Still, Switch fans need not worry too much. Bethesda has also announced that the next Wolfenstein will be released on Switch. Speaking at PAX Aus this weekend, Hines explained that Bethesda knew about the Switch and developed around the idea of scaling their games to Switch when it was eventually announced:

“That’s also why the next Wolfenstein is going to be out on Switch as well, and that’s why Doom Eternal was announced, and in that case, not just as a port but as something that – for the first time we’re building a game from scratch that really has the Switch in mind.”

I personally have never seen the appeal in playing a fast-paced shooter on a screen about the size of my left testicle, but apparently, I am in the minority as thousands of players do. It is good that Bethesda is extending their dollar filled hand out to people who want to shoot Nazis while waiting on buses and trains.

So, Bethesda trundle onwards as one of the most transparent money hungry companies out there rivaled only by fallen hero Ubisoft and Seventh Circle of Gaming Hell, EA. Hopefully, their reign will end when people wise up to their anti-consumer tactics ahead of their next few releases. In this current climate, it is probably more likely that they will be caught up in false controversy when people start questioning why they want a game filled with Nazis to be released on Switch. Don’t you know impressionable children play that console? Do you want them playing pretend as their favorite mecha-Hitler!? For shame, Todd, for shame!

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