At RuneFest this past weekend Jagex announced key content that’s soon to be polled to players for inclusion in Old School RuneScape.

As with all content from Old School RuneScape, players will be required to vote on which content comes to the game in future with a 75% majority. At RuneFest this weekend, Jagex unveiled the next lot of content soon to be polled, which will further expand and reimagine the elven city of Prifddinas.

If successful, the elven city of Prifddinas will be reinterpreted and introduced to Old School RuneScape next year. In order to enter, players will be required to complete a new Grandmaster quest, ‘Song of the Elves’, which in itself will conclude an Old School RuneScape questline since the game re-launched in 2013.

In addition, Old School RuneScape players will also be polled on an expansion of the exclusive continent, Zeah. If it reaches a 75% majority, the continent will previously unexplored and closed locations to the west being uncovered and expanded next year with the release of the Kebos Lowlands.

Old School RuneScape Kebos Lowlands

The Kebos Lowlands will feature a ton of new content including adventures and activities for players to get their hands on.

Finally, Warding will also be a new addition to Old School RuneScape. To find out more about this new skill, head on over to the announcement post.

In order to take part in the polls, Old School RuneScape players should head on over to the game’s website.

In other Old School RuneScape news, the mobile version of Old School is set to arrive on both Android and iOS on October 30. Head here to find out more! A limited members beta for RuneScape Mobile is also set to begin today.

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