Orange Is the New Black

Netflix’s hit series, Orange is the New Black is set to come to an end after Season 7, the streaming service has announced.

Orange is the New Black has had a good run over the past couple of years and it makes total sense for Netflix to end the series after the next season. With the show evolving the way it has – and considering the ending of Season 6, there seems to be little left for Netflix to do with the show.

The show follows Piper Chapman, who may be considered your “everyday” white suburban American, after being incarcerated in Lichfield State Penitentiary. Completely out of her depth, the show followed the story of Chapman as well as a diverse cast of characters who are also behind bars.

Over the past six seasons, the show has almost diverted away from the focus on Chapman and instead has been telling some deeper stories on some of the other cast members – which I’ll admit, is a welcome diversion.

That being said, the news is definitely disappointing.

“During production of Season 1, everyone involved with Orange Is The New Black felt like we knew a special secret we couldn’t wait to share with the world. Since then, we have laughed, cried, raged, and roared with the women of Litchfield, and every moment spent with them felt like borrowed time — too good to last forever,” said Vice President of Original Content for Netflix Cindy Holland. “We will be sad to say goodbye but we will definitely be going out on a high. We are grateful to Jenji Kohan and her groundbreaking vision; to her supremely talented team of writers and producers; and to a once-in-a-lifetime cast and crew for creating a truly special work of art that has inspired conversations and connected audiences around the world.”

This cancellation joins several other series that Netflix has canceled over the past few weeks including Iron Fist and Luke Cage. While those two came as a shock, Orange is the New Black‘s cancelation, in my opinion, comes at a good time for the series.

Season 7 of Orange is the New Black is slated to premiere in summer 2019.

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