Overwatch Halloween Terror is set to kick off October 9, and as always, it’s set to bring us some new skins.

The highlight of every Overwatch event is often the skins we all end up grinding loot boxes for. Halloween Terror is set to be no different and with the event only days away, Blizzard has treated us to a little tease of some of the skins coming when the event hits October 9.

First up, is Doomfish. Ok, they’re not calling it that but everyone else is. Instead, they’ve gone for the far less entertaining Swamp Monster Doomfist.

Secondly, is Banshee Moira. Finally, a skin that makes her look as lethal as she actually is.

Overwatch Halloween Terror will also bring back Junkenstien’s revenge, but Blizzard has stated it will be very close to the previous iteration.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event is set to start on October 9.

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