Overwatch has taken it’s blockbuster status a little too literally, with the release of a Lego set for everyone’s favorite bird enthusiast, Bastion.

Blizzard has been teasing a Lego collaboration for a while now and has finally announced the first Lego Overwatch set Omnic Bastion. The 182 piece set features Bastion’s ‘Omnic Crisis Orange’ skin, including a functioning gun, able to fire little Lego bricks across the room and, presumably, under the sofa. The set even includes a little Lego version of Ganymede, Bastion’s bird companion.

It doesn’t seem that the set will be able to create Bastion’s sentry or ultimate tank modes, but I give it about 5 minutes before one of the incredibly talented Lego builders creates all 3 modes with a few simple additions.

The Lego Bastion set is a limited edition set available exclusively through the Blizzard Online store, although I’d put money on this being available at Blizzcon, alongside a few more Overwatch favorites announced before the event.

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