Two internet giants, Reddit and Patreon, are joining forces to enable creators to garner more exposure for their content.

As many are familiar, Patreon is a site where creators of all sorts have a platform to raise awareness of themselves and their work and attempt to gain financial support from interested fans. Reddit, on the other hand, is a social networking site that focuses less reminding users of birthdays and events, and instead allows users to dictate their feeds according to interests and inclinations they have through online communities and “subreddits.”

The merger makes becoming noticed a little easier. Though the integrations and changes will be minuscule, creators’ subreddits will have a more distinct aesthetic, while Patreon accounts will experience increased visibility. For those who support a particular creator on/through Patreon, a “Patron flair” will appear beside their name.

Subreddits are already heavily utilized by streamers, podcasters, and the like. Some see Reddit as the best forum to connect with fans. Sometimes certain subreddits can allow for more personalized commentary by a creator, knowing that there is a particular niche audience to appease.

With the aid of widgets, creator pages will be easier to subscribe to, as well as Patreon pages that include Reddit widgets which redirect users to specific subreddits. By supporting one another, the two internet juggernauts are hoping that creators and fans will be better able to support one another too.

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