PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.

Hot on the heels of the release of new stills from the film, both the official poster and first trailer for Pet Sematary have been released.

The poster, which was tweeted by the movie’s official account, features a man (presumably main character Louis Creed [Jason Clarke]) carrying a shovel while walking away from homemade wooden crosses. The path ahead of him is littered with fallen branches and skeletal remains of both animals and humans.

The poster also bears the phrase recurrent in both the original book and films: “Sometimes dead is better.” Strangely, the film poster only lists the release as April, with no specific dates attached.

The trailer begins with the same reminder. In an opening scene reminiscent of the opening to The Shining (1980), there is an overview of dense Maine woods which cuts to the inside of the Creed family car. Pulling into the new house, things seem idyllic, even though a sixteen-wheeler on the road dashes the tranquility.

We then see shots of the woods, as a new voice talks about kids daring each other to enter the woods at night. Kids in strange masks walk into the woods in an unusual procession as Louis Creed peeks out one of his French doors.

We then get our first look at the actual Pet Sematary, as Jud Crandall [John Lithgow] informs us that, “Those woods belong to something else.” We then see the barrier to the “something else” and Church, the Creeds’ cat, which becomes directly involved with that same “something else.”

There are then quick shots–another sixteen wheeler speeding by the house, a shovel hitting the ground, various funerals, Louis in quiet contemplation at the table, and a slow traversing of a forest path at night, as well as other split-second scenes. Over this, there is contemplation that there may really be a powerful force in the woods that can “bring things back.” If the tagline of “Sometimes dead is better” doesn’t give you any clues to answer that question, we won’t spoil it for you either.

You may watch the trailer below.

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Curiously, the trailer only lists the release for the movie as April as well. However, as of this moment, the official release date is still April 5, 2019.

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