In what seems to be shaping up to be a Pokémon Go Halloween tradition Niantic has finally released an actual teaser for the highly anticipated Generation 4.

The brief trailer seems to suggest Sinnoh’s 107 new pokemon will soon be flooding our parks and streets. Last year during the spooky season we got our first taste of the third generation with the new ghost types being introduced to Pokémon Go!

Amongst the lovely landscape shots, in the short but strongly produced trailer, we catch several brief glimpses of the top Turtwig budding head, a long trail of possibly Piplup’s penguin paw prints leading off into the horizon and Chimchar flaming fists. Then in one last dark shot, we possibly see the dark, ghostly eyes of the legendary Darkrai gleaming in the blackness.

I can’t wait to finally evolve up my Nosepass, Magneton, and Rhydon! Check out the new trailer below and stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all you Pokémon Go news and rumors.

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It's Giratina you numbskulls.