Nexon has released a brand new gameplay trailer for mobile RPG, Power Rangers All-Stars which shows off more of the Rangers as well as the S.P.D. Megazord.

In Power Rangers All-Stars, players will be able to build a team of Rangers from across the franchise including Mighty Morphin, Mystic Force, RPM, and more. Each Ranger will have their own set of stats, abilities, and attacks as they dash through the game taking on various enemies from the franchise.

Furthermore, some of the series’ iconic Megazords will be making an appearance to help during battle, most likely as a super ability. Either way though, it looks pretty damn awesome.

It’s also been revealed over on the game’s website that Rangers from RPM, Power Ranger Mystic Force, S.P.D., Wild Force, Operation Overdrive, Megaforce, Mighty Morphin, Samurai, Super Megaforce, and Dino Charge, will all be in the game.

Players can currently pre-register for access when the game launches.

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