Sony has revealed that their family of PS4 consoles, the PS4, and the PS4 Pro, have collectively sold 86.1 million units.

The company announced the news in its latest earnings call which takes a look back at the company’s second quarter (which ended on September 30). During this quarter the company reported 3.9 million PS4 units sold totaling 86.1 million. This is down from the previous quarter where the console sold 4.2 million.

As for forecasts, Sony is predicting that it’ll sell 17.5 million PS4 consoles for the entire year, which is up 500,000 from their last forecast. Sony attributes this higher forecast to a number of things including software sales, exchange rates, hardware sales, and PS Plus users.

With the holiday season on its way and plenty of huge titles exclusive to the console likely being on people’s Christmas lists, Sony is likely to hit this target when their Fiscal Year ends in March 2019.

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