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In EA Games’ quarterly earnings call, the company revealed that Respawn Entertainment has multiple games in the works slated for Holiday 2019 – could it be Titanfall 3?

While we already know that Respawn Entertainment is working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it appears the company might also be working on another game, speculated to be Titanfall 3, if EA Games’ earnings call is anything to go by.

During the call to investors, EA’s Andrew Wilson said: “Across multiple studios, we have new projects underway, including games from Respawn that are slated to launch by next holiday season.”

This use of the plural “games” was of course questions during the call, to which Blake Jorgensen responded with: “you heard Andrew use a plural when he said games from Respawn. Just consider that a little Easter egg left in the earnings call for you. We’ll announce more when we get there.”

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Of course, while this doesn’t necessarily confirm that there’s a new Titanfall game on the way, it’d make sense considering the company’s history with the game. Though again, it’s speculation at this point. All we know for sure is that Respawn has another game in the works likely due by holiday 2019.

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