Rocket League RC Rivals Set

Rocket League developer Psyonix and long-time toy creator Hot Wheels have announced the release date for their Rocket League RC Rivals Set which is the closest thing to the game in real life.

Other than strapping rockets to your own vehicle, the closest thing we’ve got to Rocket League in real life is the upcoming remote-controlled toy set from Hot Wheels which includes two vehicles, a ball, and a pitch to play on.

The set comes as an extended partnership with Psyonix and Hot Wheels who have worked in the past on in-game content such as battle cars and accessories for in-game vehicles. Hell, you can even purchase physical Hot Wheels Rocket League toys. But if that wasn’t enough, this set is a must-have.

Coming to retail stores across North America on October 1, the Rocket League RC Rivals Set will cost $179.99 and will come with two Battle-Cars which can be controlled with compatible iOS and Android devices. Once connected, you’ll be able to shoot your way across the little pitch and score an ultimate goal against your opponent.

Rocket League RC Rivals Set

For those who purchase the physical set will also receive a code for in-game goodies such as a Goal Explosion, an RC Rivals Topper, and two decals for the Octane and Dominus Battle-Cars.

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