At RuneFest this weekend, Jagex unveiled all of the Winter content coming to RuneScape over the course of the next few months including a new world event, skills, and more.

First, Till Death Do Us Part is a new world event for Halloween which runs from today through to the end of October and will have Death being joined by the other Riders of the Apocalypse as they defend Gielenor from an otherworldly invasion. You can read more about this event here.

Moving on, RuneScape is set to get an interesting murder mystery event called The Needle Skips. This novice event takes place in the Piscatoris peninsula and will see a story unfold from several perspectives all surrounding a mysterious obelisk called the Needle which has trapped the whole area in a time bubble leaving the scene of the crime untouched for players to investigate.

In order to do this, players will be able to interact with the Needle which will open up a text box for players to enter clue words which can be discovered from within this bubble. As more clues are uncovered, the plot is unveiled, giving players the chance to save the unfortunate souls trapped inside.

The Needle Skips, much like One Piercing Note, is a fully voiced quest by an all-female cast.

RuneScape The Needle Skips Event

Jagex also unveiled details on Elite Dungeon 3 which follows on from the previous Elite Dungeons, The Temple of Aminishi and The Dragonkin Laboratory. Elite Dungeon 3 is the final in this trilogy and concludes the storyline found in the previous dungeons.

In Elite Dungeon 3 players will be heading to The Sunken Darkness where a familair character, The Ambassador, will be found. Unfortunately, it seems he has been twisted and warped by Xau-Tak, and is now his self-proclaimed ambassador on Gielinor who’s attempting to bring Xau-Tak to Gielinor. It’ll be up to players to attempt to stop, or at least delay Xau-Tak’s arrival.

Elite Dungeon 3 is expected to land in RuneScape in February 2019 offering plenty of new rewards. It’ll be playable by 1-3 players and can be repeated, with sub-bosses lurking in the shadows.

Finally, a full, feature-complete Mining & Smithing beta test is due in November with the full release planned for January 2019 as part of the first update of the year. This change will fix an issue where certain armour takes way more smithing compared to the combat requirements. This update will lower the required mining and smithing for all existing metals so that they match. For example, Rune will require level 50 to mine, level 50 to smith and level 50 to use.

RuneScape The Shadow Reef Mood Board

With that, four new tiers of metal and armour are being introduced to mine, smith, and use, including Necronium (level 70) and the Elder Rune (level 90).

The update will also introduce some improvements to mining including rocks no longer depleting, AFK mining (though clicking regularly rewards players), and more. Smithing with also see some improvements, with the ability to smelt and smith bars straight out of the metal bank.

More details on these improvements, as well as the Elite Dungeon 3 and The Needle Skips event, can be found over on the game’s forum.

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