Jagex has announced a new world event has begun in RuneScape today titled “Till Death Do Us Part” that’ll see the arrival of the game’s versions of The Four Horsemen.

Till Death Do Us Part is the first all-new World Event in RuneScape since 2016 and will be taking place from today throughout October. The event will see the arrival of familiar character Death, as well as War, Pestilence, and of course Famine.

In the event, players will notice a mysterious energy rift outside of Death’s office which is causing a bit of trouble as it’s trapped the half-human, half-mahjarrat army general Moia inside. Fortunately, Death and the other Riders of the Apocalypse are here to help keep the rift and the invading forces of Daemonheim, at bay, along with RuneScape players.

As a reward, players will be temporarily transported to a warped chamber where they’ll be given a few moments to scoop up as much loot as possible before being forced to escape. Loot will include some new unique items for players to grab.

RuneScape Death Concept Art

The event comes along to celebrate Halloween, an in addition players will also see the number of drop chances doubling including ectoplasmator, Ghost Hunter outfit, and herb burner. Ghostly Essence will also have a 10% increased drop rate. Players who haven’t already unlocked can also unlock the ability to burn bones on bonfires.

In order to take part in the Til Death Do Us Part world event in RuneScape, players should head over to the Draynor Lodestone and spot Death and his pillars to the northeast. Each rider of the apocalypse will arrive each week throughout October offering new challenges, so be sure to check back each week.

The more players who get involved in the event, the larger the reward, so if you can, check it out!

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