SEGA had reportedly canned a complete Shenmue remaster in favor of the HD re-releases which happened earlier this year.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has managed to get its hands on gameplay footage from the full Shenmue remake which was canceled by SEGA last year. There’s currently no word on why it was canceled but the likelihood of it being due to budgets is high.

The video, which you can see below, looks pretty damn good. A damn sight better than the straight up Dreamcast ports which launched on PS4 back in August. In our review, one of our main complaints was the game’s dated appearance and performance, but looking at the video of the remake, it’s likely those complaints wouldn’t have existed as it looks way more polished.

According to Digital Foundry the remake would have featured hi-res textures, improved character models, lighting, and shadows, which would have made the game look much, much better.

That being said, the Shenmue re-releases were mostly for players to catch up on the series ahead of Shenmue 3 which is expected to launch in August 2019.

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