In light of disappointment from fans and the lawsuit drawn up against Telltale, it feels like there hasn’t been too much good news for the half-finished final season of The Walking Dead.

With only two episodes to go before we see an end to Clem’s story, fans have waited eagerly this past week to hear whether it would be happening or not.

Skybound Games (the studio created by Robert Kirkman himself), has recently agreed to take over the project and see it until the end. However, many wondered whether it would be done with an entirely new team or if the possibility of acquiring the original Telltale devs was even on the table.

Skybound president, Dan Murray, confirmed that their intentions are in fact to get the original team on board. While nothing is set in stone yet, Murray spoke with Variety saying that this is about the fans and doing what’s right by the team of devs.

There’s even talk of getting The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on Switch but as of yet, there’s no official release date on that front.

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