Stardew Valley is a game that never seems to get old and players have gotten to enjoy the game on nearly every console – apart from mobile that is. Coming October 24 – in just two weeks time – that’s about to change!

ConcernedApe shared the exciting news in a blog post yesterday while spilling some details about what fans can expect. The game and story will remain the same for the most part and visually still has that Stardew Valley feel, with the only major difference being that it was re-built for touch-screen gameplay on iOS.

Barone reveals he’s been working closely with London based team The Secret Police to adapt the game to mobile and says that while the Andriod is still receiving some touching-up, Apple users will be the first to enjoy Stardew on the go for the price of $7.99.

No, there won’t be mods or multiplayer, however, for those who played on PC, you’ll be able to transfer your save data to the iOS version via iTunes so you won’t have to lose any progress!

Will you be playing Stardew Valley on the go? Tell us what you think down below!

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