PQube and H2 Interactive has this week unveiled the best thing since Micro Machines for the NES, Super Pixel Racers, which is set to land on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 31.

Super Pixel Racers isn’t just any old 8-bit racer, oh no, with the addition of drifting and nitro mechanics, Super Pixel Racers brings the best bits of motor racing games on a pixelated scale along with several different modes, such as Rally to Takedown.

I mean come on, it’s adorably pixelated and the 8-bit sounds are enough to boil the nostalgia inside of us. Plus, we can hoon around the tracks in little pixelated Lamborghinis!

But don’t let me convince you with my non-pixel words, here’s a trailer:

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With new cars to be purchased and races to be tailor-made, there’s plenty on offer in Super Pixel Racers when it lands on Xbox One and PS4 on October 31.

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