Another week and another load of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate info from our friends over at the Smash blog.

Making its debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Mimikyu one of the new Pokéball Assist Pokémon. A fan favourite since its introduction in Sun & Moon, there was never any question that this freaky ghost type would be added in the next Smash. Mimikyu attacks by dragging its target under its cloth before unleashing a devastating attack.

Since his introduction in Melee, Dr. Mario has always been a go-to character for me. When will he learn you can’t solve every medical problem by throwing pills at them?!

Dr. Mario’s bedside manner seems to have got him into a bit of spot of bother. What is Dr. Mario’s doctorate in? Kicking ass! Check our favorite Doctor Plumber in the video below:

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The Wii Fit Trainer made their first appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, this time returning with an updated facial appearance more closely based on Wii Fit with more definition in the eyes and face.

Did you know that in SSB4 Wii Fit Trainer has different voice actors depending on the region? Weird huh?

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Everybody’s favorite Starlink character gets his time to shine. Character #07 Fox has been a part of the team since Smash 64 and comes this time with a design based on Star Fox Zero and a new Arwing based Final Smash.

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Although the Japanese Smash blog has had a bunch of Flashbacks so far, this is a first for any of the English language blog entries and now we have finally been presented with the first; a Fox Flashback! The US Blog explains:

“He made his first appearance in Star Fox, released in 1993. Fox is the leader of the mercenary group Star Fox. He cares about his team and has a strong sense of justice. Fun fact: Star Fox was the first game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ that featured 3D graphics.”

It’s not long until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases (December 7, 2018) and in the meantime stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all your news, reviews, and rumors!

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