Supermassive Games announced earlier this year that they were back at it again with their upcoming horror, Man of Medan and teased us with a bone-chilling trailer that takes place on a creepy ghost ship. Part of an anthology called The Dark Pictures, Man of Medan is set to release sometime in 2019 and is looking (somehow) even creepier than Until Dawn.

One of the things that made Until Dawn so perfectly horrific was that you were never entirely sure what was going on. The eerie psychologist that popped up between chapters to ‘check on how things were going’ only added to the dark mystery and as it turns out, Supermassive Games will be returning with that mechanic!

More specifically, he’ll be a curator with a similar purpose as the psychologist, used to ask players how they felt about certain situations and even other characters as well as admit to him whether spiders or guts were more likely to make us turn and run.

There’s no exact release date yet for this PlayStation 4 exclusive horror, but stay tuned here for more details!

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