Telltale has reportedly let go of the remaining skeleton crew left behind following the massive layoff and closure of the studio. With no one left to work on the remaining two episodes of The Walking Dead’s final season, it seems like the fate of the series is looking pretty bleak as of right now.

However, in the past couple days, there’s been talk of Telltale searching for another studio to rehire original The Walking Dead devs so that the game can effectively be completed by those who started it, rather than simply handing the project off to a completely different team. Apparently, the studio shut down when episode three was just about ready for a review release (save for a few final touches) and the final episode was beginning production.

The Walking Dead Screenshot

There’s no news just yet on whether this plan has got a green light but in light of the class-action lawsuit and all the projects that will be getting left behind by a team of devs that truly love what they do, this might offer a silver lining and some closer for those who fell in love with Clem’s story.


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