Tom Clancy’s The Division hit shelves in March 2016, getting off to a shaky start but quickly finding its feet and becoming one of the largest titles of the year. It comes as no surprise that Ubisoft in partnership with Dark Horse Comics is releasing a 3-part comic series prior to the release of The Division 2.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Extremis Malis will follow Caleb Dinner, an SHD agent involved in a mission gone horribly wrong months after the initial release of the weaponized smallpox attack that devastated New York and many other parts of the world. Dunne’s partner is brutally killed during a “routine” mission, as far as routine extends for The Division, and he vows to track down her killer; In the process, Dinner discovers a new threat to the already crippled nation.

The Division: Extremis Malis comic series is looking to serve as a precursor to The Division 2, setting the scene for the upcoming operations within Washington. Just how much the comics will tie in remains to be seen but given how closely Collapse: New York fit in with The Divison (although it wasn’t exactly required reading) it would be safe to assume it will help fill in some of the blanks and serve as a neat addition to the lore surrounding the series.

Extremis Malis will feature cover art from J.P. Leon (DMZ, Static) alongside illustrations from Fernando Baldó (Deep Gravity, Thief) and Michael Atiyeh (Conan the Avenger, Green Lantern: Rebirth). Writing will be provided by Christofer Emgård who previously worked on the Mirror’s Edge: Exordium series accompanying the well-known games. The Divison: Extremis Malis will be available for purchase January 9, 2019 from most comic book stores.

The Division 2

Collapse: New York released alongside The Division as a guide to surviving within a big city during a collapse of civilization, as well as documenting April Kelleher’s journey. Shortly after, a movie was announced, set to star Jake Gyllenhaal as an Agent trapped in New York during the Dollar Flu outbreak. The movie details still remain as much of a mystery but show the enthusiasm and commitment Ubisoft are putting into their franchises.

As well as this there will also be a hardcover Lorebook called “The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division”, becoming available for purchase March 19, 2019. The book will feature all the typical lorebook trappings; such as concept art, detailed descriptions of tech, items and other all other aspects of the game.

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