Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season released it’s the second episode, ‘Suffer the Children’, at a kinda awkward time considering at the same time, the company all but shut down and fired over 200 of their staff without warning.

It left plenty of uproar over the legality of Telltale’s actions. Right from the start of the unfortunate announcement, it seemed pretty clear that the fate of Telltale’s upcoming projects – such as Stranger Things – was out the window. However, longtime fans of Clem and The Walking Dead games worried over whether the beloved character would be getting an ending or not and if the answer was really “no”, was investing in episode 2 even worth it?

Very recently, news broke out that Telltale would be handing off the final two episodes of Clem’s story to Skybound Games but when I began playing episode 2, the fate of the series was still up in the air. I wanted to give episode 2 a try regardless of whether the series was going to get continued because it only seemed fair to the devs who put all of their effort and love into the series.

Suffer the Children took a break from the non-stop action of Episode 1 and focused more on characters and consequences. Following the shocking ending we were left with, Clem scrambles to make things right with the group after AJ shoots one of their own. Still just a kid, AJ struggles to admit that what he did was actually wrong and looks to Clem to either encourage him or try and set him on a better path.

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The other characters are much less confused about their feelings and eventually vote for Clem and AJ to leave their sanctuary. The exile is short-lived though when the Raider group that’s been terrorizing the group for over a year threaten Clem, AJ, Violet, and Louis.

Thanks to spoilers everywhere, I wasn’t surprised by the return of an old character and the reveal that they were leading the Raiders. Nevertheless, it was just as intense to face someone you chose to screw over in the past! There’s a close call where Clem and AJ almost don’t make it out of the woods until a mysterious new character wearing walker skin comes to the rescue – that’s a character I’m very down to learn more about. Once Clem is able to make it back to the school and regroup with everyone, it becomes clear the school needs as many people defending it as possible and they all decide to work together despite their differences.

Episode 2 takes a closer look at some other characters we’ve only been briefly introduced to before. While I thought the episode was a little slow at some points, I did like hearing about the other kids holding up in the school almost as much as I liked getting more of Luis and Violet. Violet really steps it up in this one and Luis is just such a complex well-written character!

The end of the episode takes a more intense turn that makes up for the slowness of the rest of the episode. While I would have liked a little more action, I think the devs helped make up for it by giving us some new characters to interact with and wrote in some really good dialogue between all the ones we’ve gotten attached to. I feel like every season of The Walking Dead has that one episode that’s way more heavy on the dialogue than the action but in this case, I was okay with it!

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There’s not much news just yet on when Episode 3, ‘Broken Toys’, is going to be released but it’s exciting to know that Clem’s story won’t just be left hanging – and that there’s a chance the original devs might be able to work on it! I for one am just really excited to see an ending crafted by people who actually care about the story rather than making it into a cash grab!


What are you thinking of the Final Season so far? Any favorite new characters? Let us know in the comments down below!

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