Since its release in August Two Point Hospital, developed by the aptly named Two Point Studios, has only grown from strength to strength. Riding high after having been nominated for the Golden Joysticks “PC Game of the Year” award, Two Point Studios have announced that a new free play game mode is coming to their hospital simulator real soon.

A free content update — you heard me right, entirely free content! — will roll out to all players in the near future which contains the much anticipated “Sandbox: Freeplay” mode. Unlocked after completing the games first three levels, this free play mode can be utilized across all of the games fifteen levels.

Although the release date for this updated has not yet been specified, Two Point Studios have announced some of the juicy details players can look forward to. With a continued focus on customization, the update will allow players to adjust the uniforms of hospital staff, rename their staff along with the rooms and hospitals they inhabit, as well as granting the ability to copy and paste entire rooms to your heart’s content.

And that’s not all; in the true and undeniably loved spirit of the tycoon simulator players will have the ability to access unlimited cash, all unlockable rooms and objects, and much more. If you love micromanagement or just plain pandemonium, then this update may be just what the doctor ordered.

Two Point Hospital Screenshot

If you have an uncontrollable itch (…maybe see a trained physician…) for content and simply cannot wait for more of Two Point Hospital make sure to check out their new “Spooooooky Update”; which features a new Halloween themed soundtrack, seasonal decorations… and a surprise new disease! (Never in history have so many people been so excited about new surprise diseases!).

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