Happy Halloween! Undertale developer Toby Fox has today announced a brand new game, Deltarune and has surprised everyone by releasing it for free via his website.

Toby Fox began teasing his new game this week revealing that today, Halloween, will be the day it’ll be announced, and as promised, here it is. Deltarune is available for free for PC and Mac.

The Undertale Twitter account then decided to go a little mad teasing the new game, which suggests a connection between Undertale and Deltarune. Interestingly, when downloaded the game asks players who may finish the game to try not to talk about it for the first 24 hours.

That, of course, is an impossible task and already Twitter is awash with spoilers for this new title, so if you’re waiting to download the game yourself, I’d probably avoid the internet for a little bit.

Deltarune Website Warnings

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