Devolver Digital and Vile Monarch have announced their next game, Weedcraft Inc., which will have players diving into the legal pot industry’s first fully-fledged tycoon game.

Weedcraft Inc. is set to land on PC in 2019 and explores the legal pot industry from producing, breeding, and selling legal marijuana. The game isn’t another one of those silly parody games either as it dives deep into the financial, political, and cultural aspects of legal marijuana.

Players will have to manage their resources carefully in order to successfully produce and distribute their product from cultivating the plants, cross-breeding to create unique strains, as well as hiring staff to manage their growing weed empire.

It’s not all giggles and munchies either as realities struggles with legal weed will come into play giving players difficult choices as to where to take their business in order to appease, or narrowly brush by the law.

Of course, legalizing weed, or at least introducing medical marijuana is a hot topic across the world with people strongly standing either side of the fence, and Weedcraft Inc. is set to not be shy about showing off both sides as players will be challenged by several scenarios which could make or break their business.

Check out the game in more detail in the trailer below, or head to the game’s website.

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