Bugbear Entertainment has announced that their upcoming destruction derby racer, Wreckfest, is now set to land on consoles in 2019.

Originally set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 20, 2018, both developer Bugbear and publisher THQ Nordic have decided to delay the release. As for when, well… right now it seems like it could be at any point in 2019.

Fortunately, Roger Joswig, Senior Producer at THQ Nordic has been quite transparent in the announcement:

“Wreckfest for consoles will only be released as soon as we love playing it. After the fantastic release on PC, the benchmark for the console release is much higher. At this moment, the team needs more time to polish the multiplayer part, as well as the overall performance on the game to bring it up to par with the experience on PC. We are sorry for keeping fans waiting longer because of this. However, we already have compensation in the form of further vehicles, including a special crazy vehicle, in the works for consoles.”

So there you have it, whilst the PC version is going well, the console release of Wreckfest just needs to be that little bit better. Though with the PC version being in Early Access for a good number of years, here’s hoping it doesn’t take that long for the console release.

You can find out what we thought of the PC version of Wreckfest in our review.

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