Even though The Office ended five years ago, it remains a popular series both with longtime fans and newcomers to the series. Just a few weeks ago, a joke Facebook event called “10 Years Since Kevin Spilled Famous Chili,” recalling the episode “Casual Friday” in which character Kevin Malone drops a huge pot of chili in the office, appeared and exploded. It has, as of this writing, reached over 80,000 people.

Rather than just soaking in pride for making a popular, albeit goofy Facebook event, “hosts” A.C. Pilgrim and Kc Henryspringer, decided to do some good with their event’s high exposure.

Although specifics are still being sussed out, Pilgrim and Henryspringer want to host a chili cook-off fundraiser to benefit “those in need going hungry in America.” The hosts are also trying to get Brian Baumgartner, the actor who played Kevin Malone, on board for at least the ribbon-cutting ceremony, though they’re hoping he would be interested in doing meet-and-greets and autograph signing as well.

Other events, such as a 5K and a potato sack race, are being planned. Placing in the top three for the 5K or the cook-off will be reward with a Dundie. Most charitable donor, furthest traveled (to attend), and the owner of the whitest sneakers will also be acknowledged with a Dundie.

The Office - Season 9
Hosts are hoping that this becomes a recurring event that attracts other former ‘Office’ cast members as well.

At this time, many parts of this event are still being organized and Pilgrim and Henryspringer have asked for assistance with organization and funding over Facebook. If you think you can help out, you are encouraged to contact the hosts via a private Facebook message.

At this time, the event is set for April 30, 2019, from ten AM to ten PM, which may change as the venue and other details solidify. As of right now, the event is listed as occurring in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but again, no specific venue has been booked yet.

For more information on “10 years since Kevin spilled famous chili,” check out its Facebook page, as well as its GoFundMe.

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So, just letting you know, this event has been canceled. Mr. KC Henryspringer, which is an alias by the way, decided to send angry messages to those who questioned his less than orthodox request of people to bombard Mr. Baumgartner with messages, tweets and emails. This struck many of us as unprofessional and we spoke up. That's when the angry and disrespectful messages started. This was supposed to be a fun and wholesome event, but sadly I believe it fell into the wrong hands.