Things are about to get very angry and Kung Fu like as Power Rangers Jungle Fury leaps onto the scene to do battle with evil. Jungle Fury is penultimate Disney era Power Rangers and doubles downs on the concept of martial arts superheroes.

Over the years, the idea never really went away did it? Most teams tend to include at least one martial artists or fighter. So why not do a whole theme about it?

Now get stretched and practice your Katas as Casey, Lily, Theo, RJ, and Dominic are about to do some roundhouses in the name of Justice. Along with all that kicking, I found at least four facts. Keen-eyed readers will notice this season contains a lot of firsts, might I add.

The show contains the first Purple Ranger

You know when people make fun of your fondness for Power Rangers and tease you by making up silly colors? “Hey, who’s your favorite Power Ranger? The Indigo one? The grey one? The spotted pink one? Or the purple one?”

Well, you can now silence that tease by proudly telling them that Power Rangers Jungle Fury had a purple one.

It was the first Kung Fu themed franchise

Martial arts have been a key theme for the franchise. All the way back in Mighty Morphin‘ Jason and Zack were training in Karate to Ninja Storm where the rangers were students of Ninjutsu.

Though it was the first one to feature the Chinese fighting styles commonly known in the West as Kung Fu. Even though the second Black Mighty Morphin Ranger trained Shaolin Kung Fu.

The first season that had rangers without civilian alter egos

In this season, Spirits joined the fray of the Jungle Fury Rangers in the forms of Elephant, Bat, and Shark. These dudes were so ghostly they didn’t have a civilian alter ego – another first for the franchise.

The Ranger’s Morphers are the first to have glasses

Yes, the glasses looked like something a 12-year-old would think is cool, but ultimately looked daft on the actors, though at least it was unique and not a mobile phone like Wild Force.

Have I missed a cool facts? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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