Things are about to all kinds of Harry Potter as the Power Rangers Mystic Force swoops in to battle monsters with spells and hexes. For this incarnation of the Power Rangers Disney have literally sprinkled magic over this one with a magical and mystical theme.

All you need is a giant pink castle and a couple of cartoon mice and it’s like Disney Land has been taken over by rubber-suited monsters. So join Nick, Charlie, Madison, Vida and Xander as they do battle against the dark forces to defend the city of Briarwood.

On their adventure, we, of course, found 4 facts to tell you about.

Rita Repulsa returns as a character

The last time we saw the original Power Rangers villain, Rita Repulsa, she had been stripped of her evil facades and seemed to have been turned into a human with her husband, Lord Zedd during the Power Rangers in Space finale.

Though it seems like she dumped her love and took up good magic and became the Empress of Good Magic and the leader of the Mystic Ones. If I might say, that one is great later-in-life career change.

The Rangers actually become their Zords

You know how inconvenient it is trying to a summon a giant robot and how much time it takes for it show up whilst a giant monster terrorizes the city?

Well, Mystic Force did away with that problem as the Rangers could actually turn into their Zords.

The First core Rangers team to have capes

I guess it must’ve been cold fighting the forces of dark magic and that’s why the team must’ve needed to wear capes. I think the capes are just as cool as The Dragon Shield from Mighty Morphin, but not as practical.

I know the Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy had a cape, but he was the sixth ranger and it’s been debated by fans if he’s actually a Ranger since his look is unconventional and his title doesn’t have the word Ranger in it.

Also, it’s my list, so meh to you…

The Second season to feature a male Yellow Ranger

Dustin was a trailblazer as the first Yellow Ranger back in Ninja Storm and Charlie continued that trend as the goofy comic relief male Yellow Ranger.

Have I missed a good fact out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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