Adi Shankar, the creator of Castlevania’s Netflix series, has confirmed via Twitter that he’ll be creating a Devil May Cry animated series.

It appears the rumors are true! Adi Shankar posted on Twitter a tease of him dressed in the iconic Dante outfit with the caption ‘Open for business’. This will be his second adaptation from a highly popular video game series now being brought to the small screen.

Shankar has also revealed that he would like it to be a part of his “bootleg universe” and from buying out the rights he has thwarted any attempt Hollywood would have at destroy the beloved hack and slash franchise by “butchering it on screen”. Seeing as Castlevania season 2 has been such a smash hit for the streaming platform, it would appear he is trying to recreate that captured magic with the wisecracking, gun-slinging demon swordsman, Dante.

Could we be seeing a cross-over of these major characters joining into a vast multi-world anytime soon? I certainly hope so! It wouldn’t be such a stretch to assume, seeing as both franchises lay in dark worlds, demons, magic, intriguing protagonists and similar demonic outings. There has been no mention of anywhere picking the series up as of yet but it will most likely be Netflix after the huge success of his former anime title on there, I’m sure they would love to have another to further build upon their catalogue.

I have no doubt that the same amount of care and treatment for the material will be honoured as we can expect to see another hell-ish take on this action packed legacy. Guns at the ready!

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