Rejoice, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer fans, your days of living in fear are over. As part of a 9.4GB update to the PS4 version of the game (for now), the Ajax specialist class has been majorly balanced.

Known for their devastating 9-Bang flash, Ballistic Shield and machine pistol combination, which incapacitates enemies whilst also making the player virtually untouchable when attacked head-on, Ajax mains have been the overpowered bane of the game since its launch. In an attempt to change this, Treyarch has implemented the following changes:

  • A 25% reduction to the 9-Bang’s flash duration
  • Tactical Mask is now more effective in counter-acting a 9-Bang’s effect
  • A 25% increase to bullet spread when fortified using the Ballistic Shield
  • Resolved issues with Ajax being unaffected by shots from certain angles, or when hit by a Concussion Grenade

In addition, Multiplayer spawns have been adjusted across various game modes and maps online to resolve spawn-camping and instant-death problems.

Elsewhere, crash issues in the game’s Zombies mode have been addressed, and ‘Blackjack’s Shop’ has been added to the Black Market; allowing players to purchase new customization items. Blackout mode has seen the smallest changes, with zombies being added to Nuketown Island, along with fan-favorite weapon the Bowie Knife.

The version 1.05 update coincides with the free addition of the Nuketown map to Black Ops 4, which is available now.


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