Amazon Studios, the branch of the online retailer that deals with providing digital video content for Amazon Prime users, is partnering with Blumhouse Television to release 8 feature-length horror films exclusively for Amazon’s service.

The films are intended to come from filmmakers of “diverse backgrounds,” and will be “elevated thrillers or stories with dark themes.”

After the success of Get Out in 2017, Blumhouse has recognized how powerful unconventional horror films can be, and has decided to explore further, with part of the reason being an attempt to rectify studio-head Jason Blum’s abysmal track record of working with women.

Blumhouse Television (a subsidiary of Blumhouse Productions) is the acclaimed production company from noteworthy producer, Jason Blum, started in 2000. Although Blum has won awards for producing non-horror films, like Whiplash, horror remains the company’s bread and butter. The first really successful horror films for Blumhouse, based on their now infamous low-budget model, were Insidious and Paranormal Activity. Since then, the production company has launched a book publishing division and has released a slew of successful films, most recently with the latest Halloween movie.


Although Blumhouse Productions has a “first-look deal” with Universal Studios, the company has worked well with online services, most notably Hulu, when they started their one-film-a-month series, Into the Dark, at the beginning of this year.

In an interview, Amazon Studios chief, Jennifer Salke said Blumhouse Productions has, “redefined the horror genre for fans who are hungry for high concept scares.” This move with Amazon is set to unseat Netflix as the undisputed purveyors of original, streamed horror content.

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