Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah has taken to Twitter to shut down any further worries over the release date of the game following rumors circulating online.

Once again the gaming rumor-mill has been on full spin as word hit the web that the action RPG would be releasing at a later date then it’s February 22 release, many fans began the uproar as this news would seem believable to most due to the nature of Anthem‘s development history.

The rumor originated on Reddit from a user who had been discussing the situation of Sony’s E3 no-show in 2019 and claiming as to why this had happened, during this he had also made comments on Anthem’s release schedule to the worry of many fans.

Though fear not fellow… Anthem-ers?! Yes, we’ll just use that, it’ll become a thing soon enough. Mark Darrah has squashed these rumours firmly with a simple, effective Tweet:

Phew! Rest easy everyone.

There you have it, straight from the main man himself. This should come as a relief to many, as anyone who has been up to date with Anthem’s development would know that the game has suffered many set backs and delays over the years. Even the Fall 2018 release that we were initially so sure of became delayed at the last minute, so it’s no surprise everyone was up in arms over this news.

Anthem WILL release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019.

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