Bethesda has yet again made headlines, and again it’s over something regarding Fallout 76, and AGAIN, fans are PISSED.

Before the masses realized that Fallout 76 was a commercial and financial train wreck, hardcore fans of the series had some serious Fallout swag to look forward to; one of those items being a canvas ‘West Tek’ duffel bag in the $200 Power Armor Edition of the game. Now, ‘canvas’ is the word that we are going to focus on considering what consumers that purchased this additional content received something… less.

It would appear Bethesda knowingly pulled a “bait n’ switch” on those foolish enough to buy their merchandise. Below is the advertised canvas duffel, and below that is what consumers received in their $200 package…

Clearly, there was a breakdown in communication somewhere along the lines. Now, developers run into budget issues all the time when it comes to their more elaborate pre-order packages. Resources end up costing more, production costs increase, etc. etc. The bigger issue here isn’t that fans are pissed about the quality, or lack thereof, with one of the bigger parts of their $200 expenditure. It’s how Bethesda has handled the situation, yet again.

They had to have known that they weren’t shipping a canvas bag to the people that bought the bundle. Yet they knowingly produced it, shipped it, and went on with their lives without letting fans know about the change. That is the epitome of false advertising, and honestly, this entire ordeal is a perfect analogy for what has been a cluster-fuck launch of a game.

Upon receiving their swag, fans began to call out Bethesda for their piss poor excuse of a “canvas duffel”. Some took to Twitter to address the issue. While others attempted to contact Bethesda support. Both attempts were met with extremely similar responses.

This flagrant disregard for fans and consumers is what will be the downfall of Bethesda. There has clearly been a shift in priorities and everything regarding Fallout 76 has been a complete disaster, from how it launched to how Bethesda has “attempted” to deal with the backlash. Trust me, I use the term “attempted” extremely loosely. The worst part is that their “Return Policy” immediately states that “Unopened items (unless otherwise stated) in original, new condition can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.” It goes on to say that “Limited edition or timed edition items that are made to order cannot be refunded or returned after the order is placed.”

So basically, everyone that ordered this bundle is stuck with the shit product they received.

Honestly, being a long time Bethesda fan, this is just utterly disappointing. AAA companies shouldn’t treat their fans like thoughtless drones who will be complacent with whatever shit they decide to send our way. Gamers have feelings too man!

If the law-firm investigating Bethesda over false advertising was unsure of the odds they faced, this certainly would seem to shift things in their favor. Whether Bethesda thought they would get away with half-assing so much, or whether they genuinely thought Fallout 76 was good enough to ship in its alpha state, along with their cheap, overpriced merchandise, the result is the same. Many fans were insulted, many consumers are upset, and it is pretty clear Bethesda just doesn’t care.

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