Even though you can purchase all three fantastic Bioshock Remastered games as a collection, and literally play any of them whenever you like, it appears each title will be getting their own, separate release.

The Bioshock Collection released back in 2016 and brought with it all three titles, remastered for the current generation of consoles. As of now, this is the only way to play the trilogy on your Xbox One and PS4. However, thanks to Gematsu a PEGI ratings listing was found for each title, separately; which could mean we will be seeing each Bioshock game getting its own release.

The Collection is priced at $60 and lets players enjoy all three titles, with all of their respective DLC content, as well as director commentary. If the new, individual PEGI ratings are to be believed, I would assume this would mean each title would be around $20 if someone wanted to purchase them separately.

Bioshock PEGI Ratings

It is interesting to note that along with the PEGI ratings listing the PS4 and Xbox One, they also list the PS3. While a cheaper price point might be more appealing, the Bioshock Collection has been out for quite some time now, meaning it is probably cheaper to purchase the collection at this point than buying one at a time. Also, it’s fucking Bioshock. If you’ve not played them when you do you’ll want to play all three anyways. This just comes off as a way to milk this particular cash cow just a little bit more.

In other Bioshock news, the next Bioshock title is currently in development in a secret studio, mysteriously “code-named” Parkside.

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have about the upcoming game at this time. So, if you’re bored, or need a refresher, or just feel like throwing more money at this long-standing IP, then it seems you might soon get the chance to do so.

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