Black Mirrorthe BBC program-turned Netflix series, is getting its own board game in the near future. Based on the social media episode of the series’ third season, “Nosedive,” the game, also called Nosedive.

Players will be forced to create a “perfect life” with the Lifestyle cards they draw, as they attempt to keep their social score intact. The game promises, “light social and strategic gameplay that is engaging, interactive and accessible for new players.”

Typical game duration, according to the game publisher, Asmodee, is 45 minutes per round, with rounds consisting of three to six players. The game will also be paired with an app for iOS and Android, that allows players to digitally track their social standing with over 1,000 “experiences.”

The game is set to be released on November 25 and will be available at Target.

Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game

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