Bojack Horseman—yes, The Horse from Horsin’ Around—will grace TV’s, computers, and smart devices again in the near future, when he returns to Netflix with a sixth season.

On October 30, the streaming service announced that they are giving Raphael Bob-Waxberg another season of his beloved cartoon satire. This news coming only a little over a month after the series’ fifth season premiered.

Of course, the news couldn’t have been announced in any sort of typical fashion. Taking to Twitter, the @BojackHorseman account tweeted a photo of a gift basket with a message for everyone’s favorite misanthrope:

There are no signs of stopping with Bojack’s creative team any time soon either. Recently in an interview with Vulture, creator Raphael Bob-Waxberg stated:

“I’m not driving towards an endgame because life doesn’t have an endgame. That feels like a dodge, but I do think one of the philosophies of this show is that things aren’t neat and tidy and building towards some supreme, narrative ending.

“Life happens and continues to change, and stories pulse and recede, so I do not have a firm ending in mind. I have had different ideas of possible ways we could leave these characters, but that evolves as the show evolves. I don’t want to get stuck in my plan for what I think the story is, because for me, the beauty of the story is how it keeps surprising me.”

Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the adventures of Bojack and company will continue indefinitely. Although we were just treated to one of the most spectacular seasons of the series so far, the sixth season cannot come soon enough!

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