The Internet is awash with rumors today as the reports emerged that acclaimed series Breaking Bad may be getting a follow-up film.

This is quite surprising on one level, as the series seemed to pretty definitively end back in 2013, but also fairly unsurprising, given producers’ love of money. There will be spoilers for Breaking Bad in the rest of this article, so I will say now that we know very little about this film other than its probably temporary production title Greenbrier.

As mentioned before, Breaking Bad had a very definite ending. Creator Vince Gilligan went the usual “I’m not sure how to end this so let’s just kill everyone” route, with many major characters biting the bullet, including protagonist Walter White. This has left many people speculating about what exactly they can do with the film? Many point to Gilligan’s other attempt at continuing Breaking BadBetter Call Saul, and assume they will go down the prequel route this time too. A prequel about what, though? Jesse Pinkman being an unsuccessful drug dealing bitch? Walter White being a boring high school teacher?

That’s unlikely to happen, as earlier this year Bryan Cranston said he had no interest in returning to the series, echoing my personal belief that it was a good show but it had an ending. If they do a sequel, I think they are also pretty limited in which characters they can use. If I had to choose, I would say a series following Jesse as he attempts to rebuild his broken life. I’m just not certain if actor Aaron Paul will be enough of a draw to general audiences to focus on him.

Breaking Bad Still

Regardless, it will be interesting to see where it goes. Breaking Bad was popular for good reason, as it was exciting, brutal and well acted. Hopefully, the film will be a worthy addition to the show. Here’s hoping they blend it with AMC’s other prominent series, The Walking Dead, and we get to see a zombie Walter White trying to peddle meth to already emaciated survivors in the apocalypse.

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