After possibly the shortest-lived cancellation period in television history, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been handed a premiere date for its latest season of Thursday, January 10, 2019.

The sixth installation of the sitcom, which follows the outlandish adventures of detectives in Brooklyn’s ninety-ninth precinct (duh), will make its first appearance on NBC following its acquisition of the show from FOX’s reject pile. A massive viewer campaign highlighted the support for the show, despite FOX reporting declining figures over the most recent season.

Fans are so devoted to Brooklyn Nine-Nine for its ability to shine light on sensitive topics whilst staying true to its comedic roots, walking the line between hilarity and education. For this reason, it will feel right at home on the network which houses shows like The Good Place and Parks and Recreation. Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer soon; a small injection of Perlatiago and company to tide us over until the new year.

This gives you a couple of months to binge your way through five seasons of Halloween rivalries, corgi-chasing and Pontiac thieving in preparation for our collective 18-week return to Brooklyn’s funniest family.


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