Cliff Bleszinski (aka, Cliffy B), former head of the former studio Boss Key Productions, has officially announced his retirement from making video games… again.

That’s right, the epitome of dudebro has once again thrown in the towel following one of the 13 LawBreakers players having the gall to want a refund as the game was shut down after only being live for just over a year.

Boss Key Productions had a tremulous beginning with their first entrance into gaming being LawBreakers – A poorly executed delve into the already crowded hero shooter – wasn’t particularly well received by fans and critics alike, mostly due to the fact that no one wanted to stop playing Overwatch.

While there were some fans (myself included), LawBreakers never managed to find a footing in the market and also alluded to how Boss Key Productions was going to attack the games market, not with a look to the future, but more with a whimpering glance at the literal last flavor of the month.

Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions LawBreakers Screenshot

Having failed to capture the hero shooter genre, Boss Key Productions headed for the next oversaturated genre, launching Radical Heights – An underachieving, terribly optimized stab at the Battle Royale genre. Obviously, it bombed and Cliffy B took all sorts of criticism to heart.

Fast forward a few months and Boss Key Productions have shut down, there’s some bad news that comes out of it, with staff announcing that Bleszinski took to Twitter to announce the companies closure before telling the staff and weirdly, Cliffy B disappeared for a little bit.

Now we’ve hit the present, and while Cliff Bleszinski has hinted at it, we’ve now got an actual confirmation, via his Twitter, that he won’t be making any more games. Never ever. Cliffy B has had a hand in some of the most popular games of the last generation and it’s a shame to see him finally cave in.

Maybe this will be more of a hiatus and less of a full retirement, but I suppose only time will tell if Cliffy B will come back out of the woodwork. One. Last. Time.

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