From Software’s latest title, Déraciné has recently launched for PSVR and it brings with it some intriguing Easter Eggs. More specifically, could From’s newest IP be hinting at Bloodborne 2?

The following and success of Bloodborne have left fans dying for a sequel. The last two years especially, any hint that might point to a sequel has been painstakingly combed through for any true confirmation that Miyazaki is, in fact, working on a second installment. Déraciné has some clever Easter Eggs that are almost too obvious, but this is a From Software game after all, so could this just be another successful trolling exercise from the developer playing on our burning desire for a sequel.

Déraciné is From Software’s PS VR exclusive where players explore an isolated boarding school. Within the game, players have found some blatant references to Bloodborne.

Among these references are a few possible hints that something new might be in the works. Before we get to that though, here are the references players have found so far:

This book found within the game not only has the same text as the one used in Bloodborne but interacting with it reveals some interesting “lore”. It makes mention of people “painting their faces with the blood of the gods” as well as making weapons mixed with their blood. This, along with the character on the cover screams Bloodborne.

This interesting looking doll(?) might not look like much. However, it’s tentacle face and body strongly resembles the Lovecraftian “Old Ones” that players encounter in the latter parts of Bloodborne. Obviously, this doesn’t hint at anything to come, but it’s a great Easter Egg that From included.

Finally, this doll is referred to as the “Seafaring Sage” and she is the primary reason players are getting themselves excited for a potential Bloodborne sequel. Her description reads…

“A statue of a seafaring sage that appears in an unfinished tale. It is said to appear in bad dreams, to watch over those who attempt to leave.”

Obviously, since it’s in bold, the “unfinished tale” bit is the most intriguing part of that description. It is this segment that has players thinking this unfinished tale is referring to the story of Bloodborne.

The rest pretty clearly refers to the doll in the Hunter’s Dream. The doll also closely resembles the Doll from the Hunter’s Dream, AND on top of that, interacting with it does the Make Contact sign, which is a well known emote among the Bloodborne community.

Obviously, all of this is purely speculation. When it comes to From Software nothing is a sure thing until it’s officially announced. Like the “Shadows Die Twice” trailer, this developer knows it has a huge fan base and following. They also know said fan base will pour over every single minute detail, searching for clues of what could be on the horizon. Maybe this is, in fact, a nod that Miyazaki isn’t done with the Bloodborne IP, or maybe it’s just From Software yet again fucking with their community. Sadly, only time will tell.

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