The developers of Crackdown 3 have promised fans of the franchise that the game will not feature microtransactions. The team has announced that they wanted to attempt a different way of how they reward players rather than go through the route of loot boxes and real cash purchases, to the relief of many.

In recent controversy of the gaming industry, ever since EA attempted a heavily constructed pay-to-win format through its loot boxes and microtransactions, these forms of reward methods and ‘gambling’ schemes have put them in a very bad light and now developers tread very carefully (or not, in Ubisoft’s case), unless they’d like to face the fury of hundreds of gamers angry rants.

So it comes as a delight to hear from Microsoft’s Joseph Staten stance on the matter concerning Crackdown 3 during an interview at Windows Central, here’s what he had to say:

“We’re looking at what people find fun, tweaking the balance and so on. We also look at the long-term hooks. We know that we didn’t want to go with micro-transactions. We’re not going with the concept of loot crates. There will be things you can unlock, increasingly cool things. Whether they’re rank based, or based on the number of matches, we’re honestly still playing with it. We’ve made hundreds of things to unlock. We can take that to many places.”


After a series of constant delays and setbacks, Crackdown 3 will finally release on Xbox One & Microsoft Windows, February 10, 2019. Are you looking forward to the third act if the Crackdown franchise?? Sound off in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you think!

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