Crackdown 3 has become available to pre-download months before launch on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10, however, there is a slight, eyebrow-raising twist. It’s only 100.8MB.

Now, to be fair, the game isn’t due to launch until February 15, 2019 and Mike Ybbara has said in a tweet that this is just a stub before the actual release of the game. This leads us to believe that the comically small file size will proceed to grow closer to the launch date.

Crackdown 3 is the first game available on Xbox Game Pass available to preload after many people asked for it. This is so that the games are ready for them as soon as they launch. This is how the standard preordering works on Xbox and now for those subscribed to the service, like me, no longer have to worry about long download times after release, allowing people to jump straight in.

Crackdown 3, as I said, is set to release next February and is an open world game where you and up to 3 friends can bring forth righteous justice with an assortment of vehicles and powers. The game has generated a fair bit of hype too by featuring Terry Crews in their trailers, including the latest which you can see below:

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