THQ Nordic have just released the final trailer for Darksiders 3 the latest entry in the Darksiders series.

It’s safe to say they saved the best till last as this gameplay trailer really brings about the apocalyptic chaos brought on from The Seven Deadly Sins. It’s your job as Fury, one of the Horseman of Apocalypse, who has been sent by The Charred Council to go to Earth and destroy The Seven Deadly Sins ravaging it.

Watch the new trailer below to see the red vixen unleash fiery fury amongst her enemies:

Fury must go and restore the balance of good and evil to Earth after War was accused of prematurely starting the apocalypse. She showcases more of her incredible abilities and seething whip combos in this reveal, as well as that searing rage when her hair turns a bright luminous purple and triggers an endless flurry of destruction, raining down unimaginable fury and hellfire upon her foes.

Check out 11 minutes of gameplay here from developer Gunfire Games to get a longer look at the action and puzzle solving aspects. Get ready to whip into action for the fate of the Earth!

Oh, while you’re here, here’s the game’s intro trailer which THQ has also released this week:

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Darksiders 3 will be released on PS4, Xbox One & PC November 27, 2018.

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