In Activision’s quarterly earnings report, the company revealed that they’re not too happy with how Destiny 2 is performing for them.

Even after the launch of their very well received year 2 content, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Activision has reported it did not prove to be the second wind that they needed to inject life again into the space action MMORPG.

Forsaken did receive generally good reviews upon launch from fans and media alike, it also increased the player base more since the decline of the year 1 content. Bungie acknowledged the shortcomings of year 1 and put their all into Destiny 2‘s year 2 content, though that still wasn’t enough according to Activision.

In their earnings report, Activision’s Collister Johnson said:

“Now while Forsaken is a high-quality expansion with strong engagement and new modes of play, it did not achieve our commercial expectations, and there’s still work to do to fully re-engage the core Destiny fan base.”

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In my opinion, if Activision wasn’t pulling the same tricks as they did for the original Destiny and giving half a game to their audience whilst keeping the other behind a $30 or more paywall to launch as their year 2 content, then maybe they would see more success, a stable player base, no fan complaints about cutting corners, and everyone as whole supporting the game more. Remember, the same rule always applies, it’s not about a one-hit wonder for the moment, it’s about longevity!

With all the not so positive news surrounding the game since launch and how the original Destiny 2 content and Forsaken essentially segregates the whole player base leaving only a few dedicated players buying the DLC, it’s not looking good.

I always say it, treat your fans right (especially the original) and you can’t go wrong, it’s when greed becomes a factor that you see a decline over time. Otherwise, you start to receive a lot of fan uproar.

Let’s hope that if Activision and Bungie do decide to make a third game in the Destiny franchise then they should give the game the attention and care it needs to survive as an MMORPG. Put your player base first and address fan’s woes straightaway, after all, isn’t that what MMO’s survive on? A continuous, dedicated community? Think about it Activision.

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